@While US pet shop sells this crayfish by the name of "Electric Blue Crayfish" or "Blue Florida Crayfish", Japanese pet shop sells it by the name of "Florida Hammer". Many Japanese crayfish crazy believe that it is named after Mr. Hammer who bred out this Florida crayfish.
In the United States "blue crayfish" commonly means this Electric Blue/Blue Florida crayfish, but in Japan where a variety of blue crayfish are dealt with , "blue crayfish" doesn't necessarily mean it.
Japanese pet shop is abundant in Australian blue crayfish of Marron, Yabby, or Redclaw but US pet shop isn't. It seems to be because of the geographical distance from Australia.
@In the United States there are two groups of retailers - one that sells it by the scientific name of Procambarus alleni and the other by the scientific name of Procambarus paeninsulanus. The wholesaler's description seems to be transferred as it is to the retailers.
Since the crayfish is exactly the same species, we cannot but wait biologist's authentication.
@Not only in the United States but also in Japan, pet shop deals with only the male Electric Blue Crayfish/Florida hammer, because the producer detains the female.
In Japan, there is no choice but to wait a very tiny lucky chance the producer releases the female in error.
In the United States, on the other hand, there is a secret path. As a plenty of Procambarus alleni/Procambarus paeninsulanus inhabit in Florida, what we should do is to get the female there. Although wild species is not blue but is brown, it isn't difficult to obtain blue ones through crossbreed. But in wetland in Florida, be careful not to be caught by alligator when you catch the crayfish.
But don't worry! Some on-line pet shops like Fish2U are dealing with the wild ones by $1.5.
"Electric Blue Crayfish" in US; "Florida Hammer" in Japan
P. alleni or P. paeninsulanus H
Female is detained but reproduction is possible!
Data for Keeping Electric Blue Crayfish




Electric Blue Crayfish
QQ`QX@@Around 26


Tropical Fish Food, Seafood etc.

Sufficient Feeding Prevents Cannibalism

Up To 15`20cm(6`W inch)
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