Cambaroides japonicus

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            @ Gecko - Creatures Labo  How to Keep Japonicus

            A  aclaw00 Japonicus Farming and Breeding Sysem
            B faura no.12 special feature "Cambarides japonicus" 

            C Shougakukan "「Natural Treasure of Japan" No.10 
              Cooler is indispensable.    Nice Cooler !

Blue! Blue Cambaroides japonicus
     @ Gene or Food ? A Large Number, 10%, are Blue Crayfishs in a Abashiri County creek
     (July 19, 2007 Hokkaidou Shinbun)

    A Experimental Reproduction of Rare Blue Japonicus (Sep. 15, 2007 Sankei Shinbun)
     Towards the Reproduction of Rare Crayfish, Nakagawa Aquarium in Tochigi Prefecture (Jan. 14, 2008 Shimotsuke Shinbun)

   B Jewel Like Blue, Mutation? Crayfish Exhibition. Otaru Aquarium (May 28, 2008 Hokkaidou Shinbun)
     Popular Blue Crayfish, Otaru Aquarium in Hokkaidou (Aug. 14, 2008 Shimotsuke Shinbun)

    C Toba Aquarium "Tropical blue! The first exhibition of the rare blueJaponicus"

    D Itou & Iwana - a pair of Zouri, Cambroides japonicus

     E Okhotsk Blue "There is another beautiful blue in this Okhotsk."

     F  Shougakukan "Natural Treasure of Japan" special gift

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